LENACART C cartridge contains of Anhydrous Sodium Carbonate.

LENACART A cartridge contains of Anhydrous Citric Acid Powder.

  • The use of LENACART is to make sure that the dialysis machines are free from precipitated salts of calcium, magnesium and organic deposits all through the fluid path
  • Citric acid anhydrate cartridge ensures decalcification of all machine tubes while anhydrous sodium carbonate cartridge removes organic deposits, proteins and fats
  • In combination with a heat disinfection program LENACART decalcifies and disinfects dialysis machines simultaneously
  • During the first minutes of use, the powder in the cartridges dissolves and dilutes automatically into the water and circulates throughout the fluid path of the machine. At the end of the disinfection cycle the cartridge is effectively rinsed and drained in order to be safely discarded without any chemical residue