LENACATH is a short-term catheter, suitable for patients with either temporary unavailability of other vascular access or having a temporary “pending maturation” of the arteriovenous fistula (AVF), in addition to emergency cases where the patient needs to start hemodialysis treatment immediately.

LENACATH-Internal Jugular vein system:

  • A common site is the superior Vena Cava (SVC), LENACATH catheter is placed by puncturing the internal jugular vein in the neck (most often on the right site), and LENACATH is then advanced downwards towards the chest.

LENACATH-Subclavian vein system:

  • Alternatively a SVC catheter can be inserted through the Subclavian vein, right behind the clavicle, often on the right side.

LENACATH-Femoral vein system:

  • If access of SVC is difficult, femoral vein can be used. This is a less considered option however because the groin site is more prone to infection and also because the patient cannot sit upright properly.