Micro-Undulation Technology, Macro Innovation

  • The efficiency of a hemodialyser is largely dependent on its ability to facilitate diffusion, as this is themain mechanism by which small solutes are removed. This diffusion process will continue to decline aslong as there is a mismatch between blood and dialysate flow distribution inside the dialyser.
  • Diffusion will further be eliminated in areas where fiber walls aggregate on one another creating “dead zones” and therefore eliminating the contact between blood and dialysate. The main factor which determines the degree of the blood-dialysate contact as well as the blood-dialysate flow distribution, is the very configuration of each fiber within the dialyser.
  • Straight fibers encourage that mismatch between blood-dialysate flow distribution and increase the chance of fiber aggregation forming those “dead zones”, through which the dialysate can not flow; consequently decreasing the areas in which diffusion can occur, and ultimately minimizing clearance.
  • Micro-Undulation Technology, micro-undulates the fibers to ensure the complete utilization of each fiber and fully prevents the formation of “bundles” and “dead zones” and therefore ensures the highest efficiency and clearance outcome to offer TRULY HIGH PERFORMANCE DIALYSERS.
  • High Performance Series HPS
  • Macro-Innovation, Micro-Undulation Technology
  • Hollow-Fiber Polysulfone Membrane; Designed, Developed and Manufactured by: FIBRON AG-GERMANY